Connect your IBIS E-Commerce Bookings Page to Facebook
Posted by Savanna Handevidt, Last modified by Alison Raye on 24 March 2021 03:43 PM

Take advantage of getting your booking page out on as many platforms as you can. You can do this by simply adding a Book Now button to your company's Facebook page and linking it to your IBIS E-commerce site. This will, in turn, drive more online bookings through your site. Through Facebook, you will be able to track page views and bookings that come through. 

Add a Book Now button to your Company Facebook Page

  1. Log into your company's Facebook account as the admin.
  2. Go to the Business Page and click + Add a Button

  3. Click Book with you, then Book Now, then Next

  4. Click Link to Website

  5. Enter the URL of your IBIS booking page and then Save

  6. Review the configuration you just set up, then click Finish

Great news! You have just successfully added another resource for customers to book your products by adding a Book Now button to Facebook! 

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